Meet Tina DelBuono, PMAC

Tina has worked as a podiatric medical office manager for almost two decades.  Her passion is helping those in the medical arena to have happy, efficient and successful practices.  With over 18 years of practice management lecturing and training of office personnel and physicians, Tina knows what it takes to make your practice a step above the rest.

Patients deserve the best care when they visit a physician’s office, they are trusting their healthcare will be handled caring way and many times are let down.

Having a committed staff, office procedures and policies in place along with a great work environment will make the difference to your patients and they will want to tell others of their excellent care in your practice.

This can happen with the right training, improved communication, environment evaluation and the willingness of a dedicated team of staff personnel and physician(s).

Increasing the way you care for your patients will naturally increase your bottom line.

If you would like to move your practice to the next level, let Practical Practice Management lead the way for you. Take advantage of our free 30 minute phone consultation.  Just fill out our evaluation form under the consulting tab and return it and we will contact you to set up your call with Tina.