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Reversing Negative Momentum

The other day, I wrote about defining successful and how this is an individual experience.  Even though each person needs to define what success is to themselves, many have a hard time doing that.  They are stuck because of someone or something.  They can never see themselves being successful at anything. My blogging friend, Kristen Barton Cuthriell, […]

Finding The Right Fit For The Job

Since our recent termination of an employee,  I am back combing through stacks of resumes and cover letters trying to pick out candidates for initial interviews. If you have ever had to do this process you know that it is very time consuming, especially with the high number of resumes due to job shortages. I […]

What Day Is It?

I am aging myself here, but one of my favorite movies when I was a teen was Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein.” Mel Brooks made his two largest grossing movies in 1974, the biggest was Blazing Saddles, followed later that year by Young Frankenstein. While I am not a fan of Blazing Saddles, I still enjoy […]

When It Is Difficult To Smell The Roses

It would be wonderful if our lives were always beautiful and serene like a rose garden. However, life is full of difficulties, which cannot help but have some affect on our work life. Although we are being paid to do our job, at work, there are times when it is very difficult to do it […]

Focused Thinking

A few weeks ago I wrote about The One Thing by Gary Keller and how if you can focus enough to get your goal down to “the one thing” and accomplish it, that it will act as a catapult for the other things that you want to accomplish. It takes focused thinking to bring everything in your […]

Can You Really Make Your Workday Better?

Many of our jobs are very stressful and hectic.  At times is it hard to be thankful when we are “under the gun” to perform and produce. I have talked to people who are unhappy with their work situation and feel that there is no way that things could ever change.   If this sounds like […]

Colliding Coworkers

I have said it many times before today, when you are working with people you will always have people problems.  There is just no getting around it.  If it is not personalities that “rub” then it will be  work styles, general attitude or beliefs. We are humans and we are different, this is a wonderful […]

Are Your Goals Stuck?

Many times we have the desire to achieve something, but for one reason or another it seems like we never get to it.  It just seems to sit there waiting…and waiting..and our frustration builds because we get stuck.  There are a few things on my goal list that seem to have fallen into this pattern. […]

The Necessity of a Good Job Description

Are job descriptions necessary? This is a good question, and for many places of business none exist. How many jobs can you think of that have more steps than making widgets on a manufacturing line? It might be okay to not have a detailed job description if the job tasks are very few; “take peg […]

The Repercussion Of Bad Managers

  This morning at the gym I was talking to a young woman who told me that she was going to be getting her resume updated and start looking for a new job.  I knew she really did liked the job she had so I was a bit surprised and asked her why was she […]