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Be Kind To Yourself And Have A Plan

Happy New Year! It is that time of year again when many people make commitments for change in their lives.  It is estimated that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by February. The problem is once a person fails to keep their resolution they quit instead of starting again until they are successful. It […]

What Do You Do With Stink Bombs?

Problems are bound to come up, if it is not today or tomorrow, you can pretty much guarantee that the day after you will be faced with some sort of problem either at home or work.  My good friend, Rem Jackson the CEO of Top Practices says that you can expect 2-3 big stink bombs […]

A Few Points About Salaries

In helping physicians during their hunt for a new hire the subject of salary always arises.  I find it interesting that 80% of the time the employer wants to hire someone who will do an excellent job, but they want to pay them lower than the going rate.  When I ask them why? they usually […]

What is an Outstanding Employee?

One of the services I provide in my consulting business is to help physicians find the right employees for their practice.  This is not an easy task, especially with so many people looking for jobs right now. Many of the resumes I look at are from people who are applying for positions they have no […]

Company Betrayal

I received a phone call recently from a friend who manages a retail store, he needed some input on how to motivate his employees after an event that happened with his company this past week.  Apparently his company had been negotiating a deal to sell to a larger company and of course the employees were […]

3 Qualities Employers Look For

I was talking to an employer recently about hiring, firing and what goes on in between the two and asked him “what makes a good employee to you?” He did not even have to think twice about it, his immediate response was the following three points; 1. Someone who anticipates needs. 2. Self-motivated. 3. Core […]

Making A Great Impression With Excellent Customer Service

Since I work in the patient/customer service business I am always on the lookout for great examples of it to share with others in the office or in lectures, because I know we grow and change by learning and implementing good ideas in our workplace. I usually am on the look-out for examples of good […]

The Key To Your Ongoing Business Success Is Your Staff

Not too long ago in our office we were having what you might call a “dry spell”, the kind where you just keep doing what you do each day, nothing is really wrong, but eventually everyone starts to feel get a bit of “cabin fever” because of the regular daily routine. This can happen for […]

Handling Angry Customers

If you work in a business that deals with people in an ongoing way then you are probably familiar with dealing with negative attitudes. As we know people cannot always be on their best behavior, especially if they received a product that did not work or was broke. Or possibly the service that they expected […]

Making Employee Discipline Easier

We all know that  disciplining an employee will never be like sitting on the beach, but there is an easier way to handle discipline issues. It is never fun when you have to deal with employee problems of any type. Whether they are late to work, slow on the job or they talk more than […]