10 Ways Germs Are Passed At Work

We need to work so we all want to stay healthy, especially during this time of bad flus and viruses.  There are certain ways that we can help from spreading germs while at work.

Think about your workspace, if you are the only one using the space it is easier to keep it clean.  If you work in an office, restaurant or retail environment where you may interchange workstations throughout the day you may want to consider these 10 germ passing conditions that happen all of the time.

1. Answering phones.

2. Sitting on and sharing chairs and workstations.

3. Picking up a pen at the counter or desk.

4. Receiving paperwork, money or credit cards from customers.

5. Using copy machines or scanners.

6. Shaking hands, touching people, wheelchairs, walkers or canes.

7. Sharing break room eating space, touching the coffee pot, refrigerator, etc.

8. Sharing common bathrooms.

9. Filing cabinets, charts or invoices.

10. Food brought in by co-workers or customers

We do not need to become germophobic we need to become aware of how germs are passed and what we can do to reduce them.  Cleaning down workstations (see below) at the end of each day with Clorox wipes or sanitizer will greatly reduce germs.  Having hand sanitizer at all workstations and counters for employees and customers to use.  Keep your pen with you at all times.

If you need to cough or sneeze do it properly (see below). Make sure you wash your hands,(see below) this is one of the biggest contributors to sickness.  We forget what we have touched and then we touch our eyes, mouth or even our lunch.

Working in the medical field we think about this all of the time, but during flu season we boost up our awareness by reviewing these few germ-fighting standards.  I hope they might help you to have a happier and healthier workplace this flu season.

Ensure Clean Workstations

Proper Hand Washing

How to cough or sneeze properly


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