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Employee Morale, Do You Lift It or Drag It Down?

As a business owner, supervisor or manager you have the opportunity to set the tone each day for your employees/co-workers.  If you don’t know it, they are looking to you to do so. With continued surveys showing that employee morale is on a steady downward spiral we need to take a good look at what might be […]

Seeing The Bigger Picture At Work

It happens everyday in offices all over the world, people come to work to complete the tasks that they were hired to do.  they are doing what they have been hired to do, but something is missing.  They have developed tunnel vision with what it is that they are doing. Possibly they do not understand why they […]

Do You Realize How You Effect Your Co-workers Work?

As with any team, what one player does on their own, effects the rest of the team in one way or another.  I had a reminder of this today when I went to the post office to run an errand for the office. I was on my lunch hour and of course the post office […]

Earn Respect During Times Of Conflict

“Respect cannot be bought or learned, it must be earned” We all know that people are as different as, well, bananas and oranges.  In the workplace more likely than not you are going to be working with many different types of fruit, or personality types. It would be great if we always could work with […]

Do You Need A Change At Work?

Every now and then we need to take a step back and examine how our business is doing. Are the employees as productive as they should be?  Are our customers as happy and satisfied as they should be?  Are we making the money we should be?  Is there something that we could be doing that […]

Handling The Wolf Pack At Work

This morning as I stepped out the back door of our medical complex I was taken by surprise as I overheard a group of women talking.  Well actually I couldn’t help but over hear them because they were very loud, in fact, at first I thought that two of them were fighting. I recognized these […]

Your #1 Marketing Tool, Customer Service

The number one item on the list of marketing and making a business grow is customer service.  If you have poor customer service in your place of business,  your bottom line will definitely show it. While it is not always easy to get the buy-in from all team members to give great customer service, it […]

What Does Your Management Style Call You?

I called my mother tonight for a catch-up conversation and we got to talking about work and the conference that I had just attended.  She asked how my recent lectures went on personal motivation and motivation in the workplace and I told her that they went well.  I also mention to her something I heard […]

Take Care of Your New Employees

 Having just hired a new employee  has brought back many memories of what it is like being the new kid on the block.  The tasks we take as being simple can be overwhelming to them.  We must remember to be considerate of how they may be feeling during this time of on-boarding and take the extra […]

One Bad Employee Can Spoil A Whole Bunch of Customers

Recently I called a local business, who we had hired to do an event for us on a weekend, to speak to the supervisor with whom all of the arrangements had been made to let her know how things went. Overall, 90% of their services were excellent, even up and beyond.  But… was the 10% […]