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What is Your Purpose?

It is not too often that I take the time to sit and watch a movie, that may seem bad, but there are too many things that I really would rather do instead.  I know that I have missed a lot of great films because when the academy awards are on I do not know […]

Customer Service, What is Their Perceived Value?

The other day in our medical office when a patient came to the front counter to check out, the medical assistant asked how their visit went and the response of the patient was “well, I guess it was okay…all the doctor did was look at my foot and tell me that he thought it was […]

Creating Successful Teams

Recently at an appointment my dentist, whom I know well, was thanking me for referring one of our patients to his practice, which is something I try to do as often as I can.  He and his hygienist then asked me how another employee in our office was doing, as he also is a patient there. […]

Employee PERKS – If you want to keep them coming back…

What are employees looking for to make their job one that they will not only enjoy but are willing to invest themselves in?  It is well-known that when we enjoy what we are doing it makes all the difference in the world in how we do our job.  But it is also a known fact […]

You Should Do What’s Right Anyway

Whether you work in a large workplace with a lot of co-workers or just a small office you should do what is right anyway no matter what others around you do. You and only you can claim the fame of your integrity.  I have heard employees state “well if they are not doing what they […]

Using Time Wisely

Having a conversation about time management will not do any good to change the time issues you may face.  Taking action on managing your time is what you need to do to master it. Do you ever tell yourself on a Sunday afternoon “If I just had one more day, I could catch up on […]

Personal Issues, Should You Share Them At Work?

All of us have personal issues that we deal with on a daily basis, the question is do we need to share these with the people we work with? This is an important decision to make, you need to weigh all of the factors and possible outcomes of sharing your personal life issues with those […]

Avoiding Conflict, To Say Something Or Bite Your Tongue?

I know this has happened to you because it happens to me almost everyday, and that is having encounters with people (possibly coworkers or customers) who are stating their opinion or belief about something and you do not agree with at all.  In fact, sometimes we think to ourselves “They must be crazy to think […]

Bringing Your Passion To Work

Remember that saying “If you love what you do you will never work another day in your life”?  That is true, but how many people really are able to do what they love everyday and make a decent living at it?  Probably very few out the entire world population. It sounds great and I know […]

Mastering Your Distractions

I don’t think that I am much different from most people when it comes to wanting to achieve my dreams.  We all have desires and dreams that we are longing to achieve and many of us are chipping away at them each day, bit by bit. The older I get the more I wonder if […]