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Management Motivation

Okay it is Friday and the weekend is just 8 hours away.  It has been a long hard week, but a rewarding one for those of us managers who have survived to make it to today.  Managing any type of business, department or project takes a lot of thought and preparation. For those who think […]

Playing The Catch Up Game

Life in our office has been pretty busy to say the least for the past several months, with the challenges of going to a new electronic medical record software and the unexpected “bumps in the road” that have come with this change.  To sum it up for me, I  have a few (okay, several) of […]

Be More Productive By Relaxing

Here is a great “hump day” tip for you. We are such busy people with so many demands in our lives with trying to balance work life, home life and personal “me” life.  It seems that the personal “me” is usually the last to get attention and really is the one that will help us […]

Effective Delegation

What do you think of when you hear the word delegation?  Maybe, “oh great more work getting passed my way, I can’t wait.”  When I first became a manager I thought that if I delegated work to others that it would seem like I was dumping on them, that was before I really understood about […]

E-mail Etiquett for the Workplace

Approximately 90% of people who use e-mail at work use it for business communication.  Since you cannot be there when the e-mail you sent is opened, you need to make sure that the message is very clear to the recipient.  I am sure you have received an e-mail and wonder what the person is trying […]

Dealing With Disruptive Employees

A few weeks ago we had a sudden warm up of  our weather we decided it was just to nice not to eat outside, but once we sat down at the table we were instantly attacked by dozens of flies.  We had not had a problem like this all spring, but apparently since it had […]

It Is All In How You Ask The Question

Looking for answers to questions and having a hard time getting them?  It could be due to how you are asking the questions or not asking the right questions. Many times we ask questions off the top of our head (without much thought put into them) hoping that will lead to the answers we are […]

A Bad Communication Habit

Speaking before thinking or knowing…..such a bad habit to have. Let me explain what mean; you are doing something at work, let’s say talking to a co-working about an issue or problem in the office and all of a sudden your boss jumps into the middle of your conversation, telling you why or why not […]

Tuesday Tip: How Clean is Your Desk?

When was the last time you really cleaned your desk?  I don’t mean straightened it up.  When did you take everything off of it and clean the whole desk.  How about your keyboard, mouse and stapler? A study done by the University of Arizona reveals some startling facts about how much bacteria is found on workplace desks.  […]

What Type Of Power Do You Have As A Manager

In the “Harvard Business Review book on Motivating People” they address management factors and what makes a good, successful manager.  They discuss what they call “The Power Factor” and that the most successful managers have this power factor. Now this really caused me to lift an eyebrow at first because as a manager I never liked the […]