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Looking For Problems To Solve

Looking to make your workplace run more efficiently and possibly more profitable? Most likely the answer would be yes, but how? Ask those that work with you to put on their thinking caps and take a look around at what you are currently doing that you might be able to do better. For example you […]

Employee Discipline Policies

Handling discipline of employees can become a complicated issue if protocols and policies are not in place. Having a progressive discipline policy that all employees have read and that the standards are upheld will make the workplace run smoother as each employee knows what the rules are. The ramifications of not dealing with employee discipline […]

Can You See The Goal?

“Shorten the time between the idea and the implementation.”                                             ~ Dan Kennedy  I had the opportunity to speak at a conference this last week in Florida, the weather was great, not too hot, nice breeze and the conference was held at a wonderful site right on the beach, with amazing views. I was really […]

Be Worthy Of The Wages You Are Paid

It is Friday and most of us are ready for our weekend to begin, but we still have one more 8 hour shift to get through.  Some employees look at Friday as the day they need to hustle and get their desk caught up, so they will start out fresh on Monday morning. Others choose […]

Work and Home, The Balancing Act

There are many articles on keeping your work and home life in balance.  This can be difficult for many depending on the type of job they do. I recently was talking with a law enforcement officer who told me that she would be ready to finish her shift and someone would not show for the […]

Examine Your Management Skills

If you are an office manager or in a management position, you might want to check out the Management Leadership blog by Joel Quass (see link below). The blog has excellent articles,  management tips and pearls that you can put to use right away in your business or practice. Recently Joel posted an article title […]

What Are Your Employees Thinking?

Have you ever wondered what your staff or employees say when they are asked “what do you do for a living?” or “who do you work for?”  Do they speak highly of the business? Do they get excited about what they do and who they do it for?  Keeping employees actively engaged and happy at […]

The Lesson To Be Learned

Managers should always be looking for ways to improve their managerial skills.  Not too long ago I was faced with a computer trial that really gave me a few good tips to manage by. I was reading a blog post on leadership and decided that to print it off  for future reference.  When I clicked […]

Do You Need Change?

“Always continue to strive to better your service to your customers, you will not regret it.” ~T.C. Totaro  When it comes to good management practice and change in the work place there is an abundance of articles and books that will give you great information on how to implement changes successfully. But what if your […]

Called To Coach And Lead The Team

Whether it is called coaching, managing, or supervising if it is not done with the   right persons in mind, then maybe the person doing it shouldn’t do it at all. That may sound pretty harsh, but let’s think it through before making any critical judgments. The “manager” works under someone, perhaps a supervisor or the […]