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My Co-worker Is Hitting On Me

Working in a smaller physician’s practice, I have not encountered the problem of flirting in the office between co-workers.  I remember when I did work for a large corporation though, we had policies regarding such issues. It was very frowned upon and supervisors were on the lookout for “the all too friendly talks by the […]

Could I Be A Better Co-Worker?

When traveling around the country lecturing to office managers and administrative and clinical staff members, I can always count on hearing about difficulties between co-workers and their managers. We are with our co-workers more waking hours than we are with our family members at home.  We have difficulties with family from time to time, so […]

Small Business Of America

With only so many hours in a day and the millions of great articles out there for the business person, how can we possibly find them all? There is no way that we can read every great article out there, but there is an excellent way to find several of these articles in one paper […]

10 Qualities of a Great Manager

How many of the key qualities of a great manager do you possess? Below are 10 of the most sought after qualities that make up a great management person.  Taking each one at face value, they are very reasonable to attain.  What is interesting is the fact that good managers are almost as hard to […]

Who Has Your Back?

On Tuesday, we covered the topic of Managers Who Listen.  There is more to listening than just paying attention when someone is speaking to you.  Managers need to listen to what is going on in the workplace around them. One of my high school teachers told her students “You need to be able to hear the […]

Managers Who Create Winning Teams

“It’s amazing how much people can get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit” ~ Sandra Swinney Successful managers/employers have learned the value of teamwork. They know how to keep their team inspired to do their best work. They take the “all for one and one for all” approach, which keeps […]

Responding To Employee Needs

Yesterday’s post presented that great managers/employers use active listening skills when communicating with their employees to obtain greater understanding. Having heard what your employees have said, more often than not, will require a response from you.  Second on the list of attributes great managers/employers have is: * Responding to employees as soon as possible when […]

Managers Who Listen

Last week our blog posts addressed key points in becoming a great employee, the type that employers are seeking out and value. This week we will be looking at attributes that managers or employers possess to be considered great in the eyes of their employees. One of the most common problems in the work place […]

Continued Growth At Work

We have covered 8 attributes of a great employee.  Today we will cover the last two: 1. Work hard for continuous improvement. 2. Seek occupational growth and development. These two attributes go hand-and-hand as they feed into each other. If you are continually trying to improve what you currently are doing at work, you will […]