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To Speak or Not To Speak…

“To speak and to speak well are two things.  A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks”.  ~Ben Jonson “The trouble with talking too fast is you may say something you haven’t thought of yet.”  ~Ann Landers “You will have many opportunities in life to keep your mouth shut: You should take advantage of […]

Is Your Team Keeping In Step?

Who knew that synchronized walking was a competitive sport in Japan?  I surely did not.  This troop is the epitome of a team who reaches for perfection down to the second.  May all of our teams strive to be so together with each other even when the beat gets a bit fast.  (Make sure you […]

Teamwork At It’s Finest!

Happy Friday to you all!  I am looking forward to a nice long weekend and have plenty of projects to work on.  It never seems like we have enough time to finish all that we really would like to accomplish on weekends like this. I wanted to post something about teamwork today and came across […]

Managers Who Play Favorites

What a lucky cookie, the manager likes you the best! There are people we are more attracted to than others.  This is true in our personal and professional life.  What should you do if you are in a management position and happen to like one employee more than the others? This is tough, because our […]

When Death Enters The Workplace

I received a call today from my sister who works in a large law firm.  She wanted to let me know that one of her co-workers died suddenly over the weekend, taking her own life.  The whole office was in shock. A few co-workers knew this woman had struggled with mood swings, but they did […]

What Customers Really Want

Whether you work in a medical office or a grocery store, if the business’ main purpose is to provide service or products to people then you have customers. Customer service is what can make the difference in whether people come to your place of business or another who offers the same service. Having a choice […]

Potatoes, Eggs, or Coffee…Facing Adversity

Enjoy your Monday and may it be a day of peace for you all. We all have faced adversity at one time or another and will most likely face it again and again.  The actual definition of adversity is; a state of hardship, misfortune or affliction, an unfortunate event or incident. When we are going […]

How Rich Are You?

We can become so busy with, work, family, and life in general that we forget take the time to evaluate where we are at today and what we really have. Making a habit of counting your blessings daily can change your life in a dramatic way and wonderful way. It is all in how you […]

Co-workers Who Weigh The Team Down

One of the most difficult types of co-workers to have is one that does not carry his or her portion of the workload in the office.  We all have days when we move a bit slower, but this type of co-worker is like this on a regular basis. For example: they wait for someone else […]

Managing Time and Value

Calculating Time Value A common problem that office managers will face is doing simple tasks, which take time, instead of delegating them to other office assistants. When a business owner or management staff does this they are costing the business unnecessary expense. Do you know what your time and each employee’s time is worth in […]