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Team Building Friday

A couple of weeks ago I showed a video on a possible team building idea that had to do with jumping off a cliff into a canyon. Although it would be an event that would bond people who did it together, I am not sure how many of us would attempt it. One of my […]

Don’t Fear Failure

Several months ago I came upon this great book by author Ralph Heath. I believe this is one book that should be in every manager’s, supervisor’s or leader’s library. We often hear the saying, “there is no room for failure.” However, we learn so much by our failures. Teams are strengthened by failures. They cause […]

What Environment Do You Create?

“Your Primary influence is the environment you create.” ~ Peter Senge Today on Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak blog he covers the topic of workplace environment.  Dan discusses that at times leaders are actually creating an environment that is not in favor of getting work done. As I sat and thought about this fact, I wondered […]

Do You Hate How Your Workplace Looks?

Studies have shown that workplace appearance affects employee performance.  If you think about it, who wants to spend 8 hours of their day in a building, room or cubical that is messy, dirty or drab? Our office recently got a facelift.  Our decor had not changed much over the past 10 years and was looking […]

Mistakes Managers Make

Every few years we are required to renew our driver’s license.  We drive every day and manage to do a great job, yet we are required to retake the driver’s test. If we had been doing a poor job of driving we would have had multiple tickets or accidents and our driver’s license would possibly […]

Difficulty of Making Decisions

“Greatness is always in the moment of the decision” ~ Jeff Olson Decisions, decisions, we have so many to make. From everyday decisions such as what to fix for dinner or what to wear to work, to where do I want my life path to take me? Many decisions can be very stressful, especially if […]

Battle of the Attitudes

I have been doing research recently for a lecture I am preparing on “Attitudes.” I am repeatedly reminded that it really is up to each of us which attitude we are going to choose each moment of each day. I happened upon this story in my search regarding clashing of attitudes in the workplace and […]

Positive Self-Preparation

Sunday afternoon doesn’t have to be a drag knowing that it is only a few hours until you need to get ready to go back to work for another five days.  I used to get this “black cloud” on Sunday afternoons realizing that in less than 24 hours I would be back to work and […]

Super Food, Super Productive

On my friend David Kanigan’s blog Lead.Learn.Live, he featured an article about Superfoods. These 14 Superfoods are supposed to be “Super Power” for your body. Who does not want to have super power? It is a known fact that our productivity, whether it is at work or home, greatly depends on our health. We have […]

Put Power In Your Meetings

One of my favorite quotes is: “None of us is as good as all of us” by Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds.  I am a true believer of teamwork in the workplace. I find it exciting when my team sits down at a meeting and tries to come up with a way to increase […]