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Give Out Goodness

It is Monday, what better way to start your week off than by making someone’s day great? It really is simple, just say or do something nice for them. It amazes me how rude people can keep their jobs. I am sure you have encountered rude people in your life experiences. Is it so hard […]

Keeping The Lines Of Workplace Communication Open

There have been times that my boss will ask me what a certain employee is doing.  If I do not know, which I may not at that very moment, he wonders why. Ask any manager and they will tell you that it is almost impossible to give an actual accounting of what each employee does, […]

Professionally Speaking

I recently had a reminder of a painful experience I had many years ago of breaking a bad habit. I would use certain “filler words” when I talked or I lectured that were distracting from what I was saying. A caring person brought it to my attention so that I could get help and break […]

Here is to the little bumps that life brings our way

Wouldn’t it be great if we could handle all of the bumps-in-the-road that life brings our way as easy and playful as this little toddler?

I Before We Makes The Team Better

Many times a manager’s focus is on getting their team to function like a team.  There are hundreds of books that discuss the how to’s of making a team, but even if there were step-by-step instructions the actual task can be quite daunting. The task becomes more difficult when a new hire is added to […]

Strengthening Employees

When I notice that one of my staff has a problem they are dealing with, I want to step in to help them fix it (make things better for them).  Training and helping them is part of my job as a manager.  Stepping in all of the time is not the right thing to do […]

Are You Ready?

Do you ever have days like this when you know you need to get ready, but you allow distractions to keep you from doing so?  Just watch this makes me anxious because he is not getting ready.  All of those “A” type personalities out there will understand what I mean.  Happy Friday to you all […]

10 Pages A Day Can Change Your Life

I recently have been following Jeff Moore’s blog, My Everyday Power Blog.  Jeff’s blog is very uplifting and inspiring.  He recently wrote about 25 movies and books that you must see and read that are inspirational. I am an avid reader and have found that reading good, motivational, inspirational and sensational books over the last […]

Little White Lies At Work

What should be done with an employee who tells “little white lies” often at work?  Their coworkers are becoming very upset by this as they are always very honest. They feel like they are being played as being dumb because this employee thinks they are pulling the wool over their coworker’s eyes with their lies. […]

Creating A Better You

Lately, the theme of becoming a better person has been popping up in everything I have been reading or listening to.  Most people do want to better themselves on a continual basis, but it can be overwhelming as where one should begin. It is those consistent, small changes throughout each day by the choices that […]