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The Price Of Customer Loyalty

A couple of weeks ago I shared about Attitude and Self-awareness and used some references from Jeffrey Gitomer’s book “The Yes Attitude.” This week I am at a conference in Las Vegas, where many of the lectures that I will be giving and listening to will be about “Patient Satisfaction” or “Customer Service.” I thought […]

Friday Fun

Life cannot always be fun and games.  But when it can, we need to go for the gusto!  These are my families’ Boston Terriers celebrating their birthdays.  We had so much fun dressing these little pooches up and taking their pictures as the munched on birthday bones at the dinning room table.  Take advantage of […]

When The Transaction Is Over

When striving to improve your customer service techniques, it is important to remember that each moment you have with a client/customer is making a lasting impression on them. As Jeffery Gitomer says; “It is when you are done speaking with a customer or the transaction is over, that is when they start talking.” Talking?  Talking […]

Wednesday Thought….

You will never go wrong by telling what is right.  Our reputation is based on our integrity and the ability for those we come in contact with to trust us.  Although telling the truth may be difficult and may cause discomfort, you will be respected for it in the long run.

Seeking A Mentor’s Help

We have all experienced times when “we cannot see the forest through the trees.” There are situations at work that will totally absorbed all of my time, effort and energy to try to come up with a solution to correct them. At times I will lose sight of what of what I was trying to […]

Adding Value To Your Job

Do you do your job the best that it can be done?  Only you can add value to what you do. You can add value by doing more than is necessary and exceeding the expectations of those you serve, your co-workers, boss and customers. Here are three great ways you can add extra value each […]

Today is the Day!

There is only one you and you were created to do amazing things.  Things that only you know you are to do.  Do not waste a moment, take steps today.  Your life will be richer for it! Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your day….

Helping Employees To Fly High

Whether you own a business or manage it, the most important asset that you have are your employees. They are the ones who come in contact with your vendors and customers on a daily basis. If your employees are not happy, then your vendors and customers are not going to be happy. How can you […]

When Employees Don’t Deliver The Goods

If you are a manager or are in a position where you oversee others at work, I am sure you have had occasions when you have been disappointed with employees not doing what was expected of them. Having this happen occasionally may not be too disturbing, but when it becomes a regular issue two areas […]

Attitude, Self-Awareness

We have all heard the saying “you choose your attitude” and know that it is true, even though there are times that we would like not to. Jeffery Gitomer has a great book titled “Yes Attitude, How to Find, Build and Keep a YES! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success.” You can google Jeffery Gitomer […]