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Make Life Easier For Yourself

On Saturday Paul Mark Sutherland had a great post on success rituals that I found was simple and doable. For those who function by planning, having rituals is no great revelation.  What I found that was so eye-opening is the graphic that is used allows you see how simple “rituals” that can make everyday life easier. A […]

Isn’t This The Truth….

How To Attract And Keep Customers Coming Back

We all know that the key to a successful business it to be able to attract customers, satisfy them and retain them for future business.  Not to mention to be able to Wow them so they send their friends and family your way. Here are just a few ways that your business can improve their […]

It’s Their Fault….The Blame Game

“Don’t find fault, find remedy.” ~ Henry Ford Have you ever worked with a blamer?  Or maybe you live with one.  This type of personality is very difficult to deal with, because they truly believe that someone else is always to blame. I recently had the “opportunity” to work with a blamer.  I say “opportunity” […]

Team Building Strategies

Great workplace teams do not just happen even when you have hired the best people to be on the team.  Great teams are built over time.  It takes the people on the team time to get to know and trust each other.  They need to be able to understand who each team member is and […]

Be Thankful!

Count your blessing today and everyday! There is always something we can be thankful for…. 

How To Be The Best You Can Be

As Nike says….Just Do It! 

Called to Leadership?

Yesterday Trevor Nagle, ABD, on his blog Leadership Musings of a Skeptical Positivist, had a great article regarding leadership.  (I have posted the link below to his blog) Trevor addresses how a person who is a “Producer” at work can be mistaken as one who is called to be a “Leader.”  This actually happens often […]

How Are Your Customers Treated?

Every business depends on customers of some type.  Without them they would no longer be in business.  It is highly important that business owners hire the right person to represent their company as these are the people who are going to be serving their customers in some capacity. The other day a colleague and I […]

Always Be You

I love this quote by “Ken Blanchard” We each are unique in our own way.  At times we think that others should see, think and feel as we do because we are human, but this is not so.  We are individuals and each of us must be who we are meant to be.