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Making Your Life Happy

Since life is short, and it is. I enjoy looking for ideas and tips to make my life and those I encounter a bit better each day. When I read the article below by Martha Beck for the “O Magazine” titled “10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn.”  It caught my eye because I wondered if […]

Working With A Miserable Person

I am sure that I am not alone when it comes to having encountered someone who truly seems to fit the saying “misery loves company.” It is difficult enough if we have to handle customers or vendors with this type of syndrome, but what if it is a coworker or worse yet your boss? Why […]

Negotiating A Raise

When you think it is time for a pay raise what should you do? Maybe your last raise was a year ago and you are under the impression that one should be coming soon. There is a fear in the back of your mind, if you ask for a raise the request will be rejected […]

Life’s Curve Balls….We All Get Them

  The one thing that we need to remember is to never give up.  We must always push forward and follow our dream.  Even though our direction may change, we must pursue or we may regret…. 

When You Need To Let An Employee Go

Managers have the difficult task of letting team members know when they are not performing up to standards.  Even though we know that we must do what it best for the company, it does not make it any easier when it comes time to speaking to the employee. Usually the team member will have some […]

When It Is Difficult To Smell The Roses

It would be wonderful if our lives were always beautiful and serene like a rose garden. However, life is full of difficulties, which cannot help but have some affect on our work life. Although we are being paid to do our job, at work, there are times when it is very difficult to do it […]

Thursday Thought…

  Interesting thought to ponder….

Managers Manage Systems, Not People

Many times business owners will become upset because the “manager” has not been able to manage their people as had been expected. Far too often the business owner fails to understand the manager does not manage people, they manage processes and systems for doing the tasks that need to be done by the people. The real […]