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Making To-Do Lists That Work

I have a friend that makes these amazingly long to-do lists.  The most amazing thing about them is they never get done.  They will have 10-20 things listed they will spend a lot of time making them.  Then they get set aside never to be looked at again. I asked if making to-do lists was […]

Do You Want To Reach Your Goals?

We all have goals and dreams, but many times we just have thoughts of them and although we may never admit it we really do not think we can achieve them. During my training as a Performance Coach, I learned a lot about “limiting and empowering beliefs”. When wanting to achieve a goal you need to […]

What Do You Want To Achieve?

My partners and I at Top Practices work with professionals on a daily basis and know the struggles of achieving professional and personal goals.  Being optimistic as we develop and set out to achieve our goals increases our chance of achieving them.  When the going gets tough a little positive self-talk can keep you moving […]

It Is Still About The Customer Experience

With everything that is going on in our work world during this time, it can be difficult to keep employees engaged with their job tasks and the desire to give great customer service. Taking the time to communicate daily with your team talking about your business’s current situation and any job concerns they may have […]

Small Habits Over Time

I have been reading the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, it is an excellent book if you want to continue to improve yourself one day at a time. I want to share just a paragraph from the book that I found to be a quite powerful reminder. “Time magnifies the margin between success and […]