3 Key Attributes Of A Great Employee

I have managed a medical practice for 22 years now and I am always grateful for employees that have that desire to be the best they can be each day.  The way I think is ‘why come to work if you are not going to bring your best you to perform?’  No employer wants to pay 100% pay for an employee who performs 75% of what is expected.

Employees that get this and do it are so valuable to a company and should be recognized and rewarded for their effort to do their best each day.  To some people this mindset is a given, possible they were taught this throughout their childhood or maybe they had a great mentor at a prior job.  For others, they need the opportunity given to them to learn this, because it will benefit them throughout their working life.

There are so many attributes that make a great employee, but below are three that you can begin with. You can learn them for yourself, or if you are a manager or employer, you can begin to teach your employees about them so that they may increase their value to your business.

  1. Always be willing to pitch in and take advantage to learn new things – The more you learn and master the more valuable you are to the business.  This also shows your employer that you are a team player and want to learn whatever you can to move the team in the right direction and to help your coworkers.
  2. Do not think that you are above or below any task – Even though I have worked every position in the practice as I moved up to manager, you will still find me checking the patient bathrooms and cleaning them if necessary or wiping up the floor and cleaning instruments after a patient leaves a treatment room.  It takes everyone helping out and doing whatever must be done to keep the patient flow going and to get all tasks completed. (Also, what would my employees think if I refused to do the same tasks that have been assigned to their job duties?)
  3. Always be attentive – A very valuable asset for any employee is the ability to think in advance and anticipate what may be needed to get their job done or to help others to get their job done. When you see a need jump in and help if you can.  Your coworkers will praise you and thank you and you will be a valuable asset to your company.

Learn and practice these three things and I can guarantee you that you will not only feel great because you are going the extra mile to be a high performer, but your actions will be noticed by all that you work with.


Keep moving forward,


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