3 Tips to Help You Express Your Frustrations At Work

Work isn’t always a happy place and if you are like most people, you probably get frustrated with your job every now and then.  At times, you may even feel like you have had enough and it is time to quit.  But you don’t.  What stops you from quitting?

Is it that you realize jobs are pretty hard to come by now?  Maybe you took a real good look at your job and counted all of the positives that it brings to you and your employer?

Frustrations can cause us to make poor decisions at work.  We need to take a few minutes to step back and deal with what the frustration is about properly.  Is it a certain situation that is frustrating or is it the job as a whole?

Dealing with situations that are upsetting at work can be hard especially if there are poor lines of communication, but nonetheless they need to be addressed.  Our frustrations need to be brought to the attention of management or the business owner so that they can be dealt with and resolved.  Below are a couple of tips on how to prepare for such a discussion to make it go smoother and keep the lines of communication open.

  • Write down what it is that you are frustrated with.
  • Write what you think the cause of it is.
  • Write what you think can be the answer to fixing the problem.

Then ask for a time to speak to your manager or employer.  Make sure you really know what you want to say and how to communicate it clearly.  In doing so your manager or employer will know that this is serious to you because you have taken the time to prepare and have brought a possible solution to resolve the situation.

If we do not deal with what is frustrating us, it can eventually lead to depression, anger, stress, insomnia or other health-related issues.  Health and happiness are important factors for all employees to have in order to make the workplace one that has a good environment, not only for the employees but for the customers your business serves.

Keep moving forward,


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