Working with small businesses I will often hear the employees say that they do not feel that their supervisors really care about them.  They are just there to do a job.  While it is true, they are there to do a job, employees need to know that their supervisors and employers care that they are there.

Below are four things that supervisors or employers need to do consistently in order for employees to know that not only are they cared about but that they are an important part of the business.

#1. Invest in employees – Make sure they have the tools, education and training to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

#2. Do a daily walkabout – Check in with each employee to see if they need anything.  Look at them, are they happy, sad, or frustrated?  Listen to what they are saying and how they sound.  You can get big clues on where they are at as far as enjoying their job that day.

#3. Ask for feedback – Since it is the employees that are doing their jobs and not you, ask them how things are going.  Let them know if they come up with new ideas or ways to do their job tasks more efficiently to let you know.  Tell them you appreciate any input or suggestions for making the business run better for everyone.

#4. Seek understanding – Always ask questions for better understanding when employees offer suggestions or complaints.  Make sure they know you want to make the work and environment the best for all and need to understand exactly what it is they have to offer.

Number four is one of the most important skills supervisors and employers need to practice.  It is the 5th Habit that Stephen Covey discusses in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

“Seek first to understand and then to be understood”

When employees feel they are cared for they will be more productive and efficient, not to mention happy!

Keep moving forward,