“A” is for Appreciation


Happy Friday! It has been an interesting week for me at work. I have been trying to evaluate ways to increase efficiencies, productivity, and revenue in our office, (just a small task).  It is easy to come up with things that you think are bottlenecks just by looking at situations.  Then after careful research you find that you are totally wrong in the way you had perceived it.

All sides of job tasks need to be looked at and evaluated.  Hearing from those who perform these tasks is a must in order to get a realistic picture of them.

In most workplaces employees will appreciate when management is trying to make systems and tasks function better.  During times of restructure it is very important to let all employees know how much they are appreciated, so that they don’t feel like the changes are about them personally.

John Ball, Service Training Manager of American Honda Motor Company has some good advice about showing appreciation to those you work with.

“I try to remember that people-good, intelligent, capable people-may actually need day-to-day praise and thanks for the job they do.  I try to remember to get up out of my chair, turn off my computer, go sit or stand next to them and see what they are doing, ask about the challenges, find out if they need additional help, offer that help if possible, and most of all, tell them in all honesty that what they are doing is important: to me, to the company, and to our customers.”

It is Friday and what better way to part from your co-workers for the weekend than to tell them how much you appreciate them. I am sure their appreciation of your words will make your weekend exceptional!

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