I like to have fun, and I think most people do as well.  My father who is almost 93 still tells jokes to anyone who comes to visit or when we call him.  He may not get all of the joke correct now at this age, but the greatest part of the joke is when he laughs at the end.

You cannot help but laugh with him, it is wonderful and puts a smile on my face even if I have heard the joke a dozen times before.  It is the joy he gets from telling it and the sincere desire to make others laugh that makes the joke so precious.

I think having a sense of humor is one of the most important qualities one should possess, especially if they are in a leadership position.

I have personally witnessed people who have to work with someone in a leadership role who ruled with an “iron fist” and no sense of humor at all.  Although the employees got their jobs done and did them well, they hated their job because of their leader.

We know that levity in the workplace makes for happier and healthier employees and if the employees are happy, the customers are happy and in return the organization owners are very happy.

I cannot imagine working day-in-and-day-out at a place that was not fun. Life is just too short for that. A great leader knows how to bring levity to the workplace and inspire their employees to get their job done and enjoy it.

I challenge you today to have fun at work with your coworkers and those you serve.  Make their day a great one!

Thank you Dad for the years of joke telling you have given us!

Happy Monday to you all


“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” ~Mark Twain

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