Did you know that your customers are more likely to share information with others about their bad experiences with you or your company than the good?  You may have a customers that you have been doing business with for several years and they have always been very satisfied, but never told others about your good service.

Then when something happens and they are less than satisfied, do they remember all the good you have done and let it slide?  Probably not.    Surveys have shown that they will most likely tell 7-10 people about their dissatisfaction.  It is amazing that one bad experience can tip the scale to the opposite end.

According to CSM (www.customerservicemanager.com) 75% of the general population said that when they have had a bad experience with a product or service they advise friends and family.  That surpasses the 42% who said they always recommend a product or service they really like.

It’s important that we have systems in place that allow us to interact and find out how our customers feel about the service or product they have received from our company.

By talking to our customers throughout our encounter and asking them if there were any problems or service issues we could correct any dissatisfaction that might have happened before they leave.

A good policy to have to assure great customer satisfaction starts at the beginning of the service transaction with letting your customers know that your company believes in delivering the best service and products to its customers.

In order to provide such service all employees need to take the following steps;

1. Tell your customers if they have any unanswered questions or issues to please bring them to your attention so they may be addressed immediately.

2. When they go home if any questions come to mind, ask them to please call right away, do not wait.  The sooner they get answers to their questions the better they will feel.

3. Let them know if they are unsatisfied with any part of the service they received or product they purchased to please let us know right away,  because our desire is to serve and provide great customer care.

Remember your customers will not know what your desired policy is unless you make it known to them.  By mentioning your policy as you start your transaction with them and then again at the closing of your transaction you will be taking steps in creating customer loyalty.

The best prescription for the problem is prevention.