Remember, when setting up any goal or project you wish to achieve, give yourself a realistic time frame in which to complete it.  I have learned this valuable lesson from those that I work with professionally.  They will want to change so many things, which is good, but they do not really take the time to plan out how they are going to do it and how much time it really will take.

One good method I have adopted is to “begin with the end in mind” and walk back each step it will take until I get to where I am at now.  Then the added trick is to figure out how much time I think it will take and pad that with extra time.  I know from experience that things will come up and there will be days that I do not get to work on my goal.

By planning this way, I have been able to be more successful and the journey has been less stressful.  My mantra, “baby steps, baby steps, one step at a time.”

“Life is too short and time too precious to try and achieve the things we desire without a plan.” T.C. Totaro

Keep moving forward,


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