Everyone likes to work with people who have a great attitude.  You know the person who smiles and says good morning and then if they are done with their work will come and ask if you need help.

People with positive attitudes are a joy to be around whether it is at work or home.  I know that we cannot always be up and happy because things happen that can bring us down.  One thing we do need to remember that when it comes to attitude is that we get to choose it.  No matter the situation, good, bad or ugly, we can choose our attitude and how we respond and act.

Below are a couple of questions that you can ask yourself to examine how positive of a team player you are at work.  If you find that maybe you are not real positive, then ask yourself what you can do to change that because it is a choice.

  1. What aspects of your job bring you joy?
  2. When do you feel most motivated at work?
  3. How have you experienced the positive values at your work this week?
  4. What do you tell your family and friends about your workplace and what you do there?

Take the time to answer these questions honestly as it is important to not only have a good attitude at work yourself but to work in a place that promotes a healthy positive environment.

Take care and stay safe,