Are You Selfless or Selfish?

I was reading through some older blog posts and came upon this one that I think bears repeating.  I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!

“People will not always remember what you said.  They will not always remember what you did.  But, they will always remember how you made them feel.” (Source unknown).

This statement rings out with truth because it is how you make people feel that means the most to them.  When working in a people service business the best quality we can posses to be successful is the ability to be able to connect with people well.  Connecting is not just about being able to talk or serve people, it is making a personal connection with them, one they can feel.

John Maxwell states “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude and that will either enable you to connect and win them over or it will alienate them from you.”  Connecting takes time and energy.  The key to being successful at connecting with others is to become a “giving person” one who would rather give of themselves to others than to take.  For some people being a “giver” comes naturally.  You can spot a “giver” pretty easily as they always have people gravitating to them, because they make people feel good.

What does it mean to give so that you can become a giver?  First you need let go of yourself when encountering your patients/clients or customers, whatever the business encounter is about, it is not about you, it is about them.  Give them your attention, your passion for what you can do for them and your gratitude that they came to your place of business.

We all know what it is like being served in a place of business when the encounter is done by someone who is a “taker” where the whole encounter is more about them than you and it almost seems like you are a bother to them more than being “a pleasure to serve.”

The next time you are at work be aware of your encounters and ask yourself if you are giving your customers everything they need,i.e, your attention, listening, focus, care, compassion, and zeal for what you can do for them.  Are you selfless or selfish with your giving?  Making the connection with your customers will make the difference for them and how they feel about you and your business, give them the gift of connection.

“Connection always begins with a commitment to someone else” ~ John Maxwell

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