Customer service satisfaction concept I was reading Small Business News, if you have never visited their blog it is a great hub for excellent business articles each day, all on one site.  Yesterday there was an article by Small Business Trends (link below) title “8 Assets to Boost Your Likeability.”  Now who wouldn’t like to boost their likeability? We have all had encounters with businesses that we wondered “how do they keep their doors open?” They had either bad employees, made it hard to business with them, or their service from A-Z was very poor. We have also worked in businesses that we encountered business owners, managers, or co-workers that were anything but likeable.  So what makes a business or person likeable? The author is this article states “Truth is likeablility, trust, character and the experience we create for people and each other are absolutes.  Likeability has won presidential elections, has fueled comebacks, and has sold millions of movie tickets.”   The above is so true…. Then the article states something that I found to be a very thought-provoking statement, “Personal relationships are the only currency that matters.”  Wow, is that how we or our businesses can be successful?  Is it the relationships that we build with each other and those we come in contact with that make us successful?  Yep, I think that it is.

The article lists 8 attributes that will boost your likeability:

1. Be Knowledgeable

2. Be Credible

3. Be Honest

4. Be Pleasant

5. Be Optimistic

6. Be Consistent

7. Be Engaged

8. Be Caring

I think this is an excellent list to strive for.  I know that I would enjoy doing business with a company and people who possessed these traits. Can you come up with any other attributes to achieve “likeability?” Increase your likeability