Happy New Year! It is that time of year again when many people make commitments for change in their lives.  It is estimated that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by February. The problem is once a person fails to keep their resolution they quit instead of starting again until they are successful.

It is important to have a “Never give up” attitude if we really want to make a change.

Here are 12 tips I found to help to make successful changes.

  • Make it non-negotiable
  • Make it actionable – to succeed you must know the steps to where you are going
  • Have solutions for your usual excuses – refuse to succumb to your usual excuses
  • If you procrastinate set a deadline
  • Schedule it in – if your change requires time, schedule it in
  • Do it daily “routine”- make it a habit
  • Monitor your progress – keep a log of how you are doing
  • Focus on the horizon – look how far you have come, not how much you have left to do
  • Take one choice at a time – I am choosing to do
  • Find someone who is doing what you want to do and imitate them
  • Teach it to someone else – walk the talk
  • Treat yourself kindly (This is an important part of making successful changes over time)

Treat yourself kindly:

We are just humans, we make mistakes, and we forget and mess up. Every day we are dealing with the challenges of growth. Two steps forward, one step back. We are not and will never be perfect and that is okay. Be kind to yourself and your self-kindness will begin to overflow on those around you and it will also make you stronger and more committed to your efforts in change. Remember to realize that those you encounter are a lot like you….be kind…life is too short not to.

The Virtual Practice Management Institute

Be well,