If you asked 100 people if they would like to be happy at work what do you think they would say? I am sure they would love to be happy every day at work. I try to promote happiness each day at the office. If I had to work in a place or for people where there was oppression and apathy I would just hate it.

We know that finding a job where it is total nirvana while you are there is probably not going to happen.  But, you can do the next best thing and bring a little bit of happiness and sunshine with you each day you go to work.

Start by evaluating your behavior and attitude toward work, it is good, do you like going to work and what you do? By starting with self-evaluation you can make sure that you are not someone who comes into the workplace with a “half-empty-glass attitude.”

People in the workplace who are generally happy and have a positive attitude tend to be more productive and creative at their job. This of course makes pretty good sense because when you are feeling good and optimistic you are motivated in most other areas of your life.

Self-motivated employees are highly desired by employers, because of the many benefits that they bring with them to the workplace as a whole. People naturally gravitate toward happy people; they enjoy being around them because they make others feel good.

Here are three things that you can do to inspire a culture of happiness at your workplace.

1. Be more optimistic.

2. Focus on getting tasks done with a smile on your face. (Smiling is infectious)

3. Offer solutions to problems.

We spend a third of our Monday to Friday workweek actually at work, a third sleeping and a third taking care of our personal life. That is a lot of time invested at work so wouldn’t it be better if it was a happier place to be?

The article below is excellent. Take a few minutes to see what the Happiness Officer has to say about being happy at work.

10 Reasons Why Happiness At Work Increases Productivity