Be More Productive By Relaxing

Here is a great “hump day” tip for you.

We are such busy people with so many demands in our lives with trying to balance work life, home life and personal “me” life.  It seems that the personal “me” is usually the last to get attention and really is the one that will help us to accomplish and balance the other two.

It is proven that we can accomplish more by taking time out for relaxation. Sounds too good to be true, but it is.  When we are stressed and under pressure we use up our energy that is why at the end of a day that has been stressful you are exhausted.

I know at times when I have been sitting in my office almost the full day, and have been working on tasks that have to be done, I am pooped when 5 o’clock rolls around.  It wasn’t because I had been moving all day to make me tired it was the stress of completing the tasks on time.

Then there are times when I have been on my feet all day, but enjoying the encounters of the patients, the day is running smoothly, but busy and when I am done I feel great.  There wasn’t any stress to wear me out, I was working but I was enjoying what I was doing.

Taking time to relax, really relax, each day is rejuvenating for your mind and your body, you will actually have more energy and be able to accomplish more each day.   Now I know that you are thinking “right like I have time to relax during my busy schedule.”  The amazing thing I found is that you do not have to have a lot of time to relax in order for it to be beneficial, just 10-15 minutes during your day.

Depending on the type of person you are there are a few simple relaxation techniques that can be accomplished during this short time.  10-15 minutes of the following will produce ample benefits for you on a daily basis.

1. Quiet meditation and deep breathing

2. Tense and relax muscle techniques

3. Visualization techniques

A few months ago I started leaving the office at lunch time and grabbing a few minutes for myself.  It has made a difference in my day and I really look forward to it, especially if it has been a tough morning.

The link below has great information on different types of relaxation techniques and helps you do figure out which technique is good for you.  Give yourself the gift of a relaxation break each day, you deserve it and will feel so much better for doing it.

Guide to Relaxation

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