Become Resilient

During challenging and difficult times at work when changes are taking place and there is uncertainty of how things will end up, we can allow ourselves to become uptight and stressed. What we really need to do is to become resilient.

Since Veterans Day is near I began thinking about the soldiers who fight for their country and other countries’ freedom each day.

The definition of resilient is: (1) marked by the ability to recover readily, (2) capable of returning to an original shape or position after being compressed.

Soldiers have to live on autopilot ready to face the unknown each day when in battle.  They need to have all of the qualities of resilience such as being flexible, tough, durable, strong and quick to recover, so they can do it again day-after-day.

Those who are resilient during tough times in their job life usually are successful in all aspects of their life.  They have learned the three C’s to be successful in order to come out on the up side of disaster, devastation or derailing.

The three “Cs” are commitment, challenge and control.  The wonderful thing about resilience is it is not an inherent trait, it can be learned.

The link below is to an article on WebMD, which provides 10 steps in becoming resilient. It is definitely a trait worth developing.

Become Resilient

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