The theme of “becoming a better person” has been popping up in everything I have been reading or listening to lately.  It is a fact that most people want to better themselves on a continual basis.  It can be overwhelming as to where one should begin and also it is easy to get stuck there and never move forward.

We need to realize that it is consistent, small changes throughout each day by the choices that we make, that will cause a big difference in our life over time as we move forward.  If you want to read a great easy book on this topic check out “Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson.

In my search on the topic of becoming a better me, I came across an article on the Lifehack blog, about 4 simple ways to become a better person.

Before you can really focus on moving ahead, you need to clear your plate of what is currently on it.  We cannot fully focus on the future if we are constantly being pulled back by unfinished things in our life.  Once we have cleared up any undone issues, or decide that we do not need to do them in the first place, we are free to move forward.

One point that this article made, which I thought was very interesting, is that we tend to have too many choices in what we are seeking.  This makes it difficult to see things clearly.

Have you ever watched the program “Hoarders?”  Talk about having too much; it is overwhelming when you walk into their homes because of the stacks, piles and mess that is everywhere.

You cannot even think of where to begin to clean out the house.  I often think “just throw a match in it and be done with it.”  But, they go in and start in one room at a time, clearing out the mess and when they are done the home is functional again.

That is what we need to do; clear out what needs to go so we can function and fully focus on moving forward.

Putting in place these 4 simple points can help one to move forward and be more productive in their personal and work life.

1. Get rid of distractions, undone things.

2. Create goals and milestones along with deadlines.

3. Appreciate what you currently have.

4. You must be willing to fail. Failure causes us to grow.

Remember it starts with small steps, one at a time.  Do not make them overwhelming for yourself, if you do you will get stuck.  It is the small choices you make each day in the right direction that will eventually get you to where you want to go.  I call it the “Slight Edge Effect.”

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