So often when employees are hired on with a company they think that the position they were hired for is all they need to know about in order to do a great job.  This may be correct at first until they master that position, but there is always room for growth no matter where you work or what the position is.

One of the top reasons for lack of employee growth and engagement in the business is the lack of managers and employers having continued training for their employees so they may learn how the business is actually run, what it takes to do it, and what it would take to make it better and more profitable.

When it comes to hiring, employers need to look for candidates that have an interest in furthering their education and knowledge, and this doesn’t necessarily mean just in the industry they are seeking a position in, but in continued personal growth development.

Great employees possess the desire for continued personal growth development and there are two key attributes that shine through when working with them.

  1. They work diligently on continuous self-improvement.
  2. They seek occupational growth and development no matter where they work.

These two attributes go hand-and-hand as they feed each other. If you are continually trying to improve what you currently are doing at work, you will eventually find other strategies and methodologies that add to your development as well.

Next time you are in the hiring mode make sure you ask questions of the candidates you are interviewing about what they do in the area of “personal growth development” to keep growing as a person.  When you find a person that is active in personal growth development you will know it because they will be more than happy to tell you what books they are reading, seminars they have gone to or online courses they have taken.

These are the people you want to hire because they take the time and see the importance of investing in themselves to become a better version of themself each day.

Keep moving forward,