Bringing Your Passion To Work

Remember that saying “If you love what you do you will never work another day in your life”?  That is true, but how many people really are able to do what they love everyday and make a decent living at it?  Probably very few out the entire world population.

It sounds great and I know for myself that I would love to pursue more what my true passion is,  but that just is not realistic if I want to keep a roof over my head, I need to keep my day job.  Now don’t get depressed because there is a way that you can make your everyday job one that you do love, and enjoy and can cultivate passion for it at the same time.  It that really possible?  Yes, by finding the simple daily habits to ignite your passion while doing what you need to do to earn your paycheck.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about, now this example may be a little extreme, but it gets the point across.  In the town where I live there is a physician who loves to sing, he is part of the city theatrical players, but opera is his passion.  So many times during his visits with his patients he will break out in a song in the treatment room or as he is walking down the hallway.

He is known as the singing doctor, singing is his passion along with being a physician, but I bet if he was offered a full-time well-paid job doing theater and singing over patient care he might change careers. But the point I am trying to make is that he has found a way to bring his true passion into his day job, which he also really likes.

What is it that you can do to bring more passion into your day job to make you happier, which in turn will make you more successful each day you are doing what you do?  The link below is to a good article that talks about how you can find the simple daily habits that will ignite your passion and bring more happiness to your life.  When you find one of these ideas that lights a spark, take it on and try it and see what it does for you.

Simple daily habits to ignite your passion

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