Can You Really Make Your Workday Better?

Many of our jobs are very stressful and hectic.  At times is it hard to be thankful when we are “under the gun” to perform and produce.

I have talked to people who are unhappy with their work situation and feel that there is no way that things could ever change.   If this sounds like you, you might want to take a look at Stuart Young’s new book “Do You Hate Your Job?”

Even for those who enjoy their job, they tend to forget how lucky they are and the paycheck it provides to take care of their needs.

Being thankful for what we do have each day can change our attitude very quickly, to one that allows us to see our life in a more positive way.

Listed below are five questions to ask yourself each day that will help you keep in check as to what is important when you are at work.  They also will help you realize that your attitude at work affects the bottom line for your employer.

1. Do I recognize that my paycheck comes from the customers or clients who come in contact our business everyday?

2. Do I act like today and everyday is my first day on the job and try to do my very best?

3. Am I passionate about helping customers, getting them what they need and making their experience with our company the best?

4. Do I use words of encouragement when talking with our customers, i.e.,  yes we can do that, or  I will be happy to help you?

5. Do I make it easy and fun to do business with our company to those I serve everyday?

Keeping these five questions at forefront of your mind throughout the work day will not only help make you a super employee, but it will make you a better coworker and a happier person in general.

Have a great Wednesday at work!

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