The difference between those that reach their goals and those that do not is often the lack of self-motivation.

How can we gain motivation to keep moving ahead to the goals we desire?  One way is by understanding the primary reasons for losing or not having motivation in the first place.  Once we understand the reason(s) we then can work on overcoming them to continue to move in the right direction to be successful and reach our desired outcome.

The four main reasons for not being motivated to complete our goals are:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of direction
  • Lack of leverage to achieve them

There are many reasons that people lack confidence and many things that can be done to boost it.  Sometimes it is just taking the first steps toward the goal and the more baby steps we take the more confident we become.

Staying focused is probably the biggest problem encountered, there is so much that goes on in our daily life that derails us and we get off the track.  Once we are off the track it is hard to keep the direction headed to where we need to be going to get to where we want to be.  Writing the goal down with a small achievable step that can be taken each day and then having a plan to do it helps keep you on the direct path.

Leverage is what lifts and pushes us to keep going.  For example, wanting to reach a certain financial success level so that your family is well cared for.  The love and care of your family are the leverage that keeps you moving forward. Your family is your motivating factor.

It is important to keep the finish line in the forefront of our mind as this will help us to reach our destination.

Don’t ever give up, if it is your hearts desire just keep going you will get there!

The Virtual Practice Management Institute

Keep moving forward,