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Business Is Great!

Below is a great story that I posted quite some time ago, but think it is worth reposting.  Hopefully will inspire you to think of some way that you can have a more positive attitude at work Monday  and learn to see the good side of things.  Enjoy your Sunday! The Gardener’s Badge Story A […]

Getting To Work On Time

For some people getting to work on time is a struggle.  There are many reasons for this and only the person who has a hard time knows their personal battle with tardiness. Being chronically late whether it is 3-5 minutes or possibly 10, has a negative reaction not only on your supervisor and/or boss, but […]

Dealing With Fear In The Workplace

When you hear the words “workplace fears” the first thing usually to pop into your mind is that there is something happening at work that is causing fear in the employees. There is also the issue that certain employees have fears that they bring into the workplace that have nothing to do with what actually […]

Becoming A Mentoring Manager

There are many different management styles, some seem to work better in certain situations than others and some just don’t seem to work too well at all. Take for instance the Autocratic management style, not too many people really like working for a dictator, but in some cases with certain people having someone dictate to […]

Employee Engagement

Surveys have shown that one key factor to keeping employees long-term is by keeping them engaged in the job that they are performing with the organization. More satisfied employees become engaged, long-term employees.  So employee satisfaction needs to be number  one on the employer/employee list of things to do. Communication with your employees is the […]

Choosing to be an “Value-Added” Employee

We may not think that we have many choices when it comes to going to work each day and the job that we do, but in-fact we have many choices. The first is our attitude in which we will do our job that day, it can vary throughout the day, but we always have the […]

Employee Morale, Do You Lift It or Drag It Down?

As a business owner, supervisor or manager you have the opportunity to set the tone each day for your employees/co-workers.  If you don’t know it, they are looking to you to do so. With continued surveys showing that employee morale is on a steady downward spiral we need to take a good look at what might be […]

Seeing The Bigger Picture At Work

It happens everyday in offices all over the world, people come to work to complete the tasks that they were hired to do.  they are doing what they have been hired to do, but something is missing.  They have developed tunnel vision with what it is that they are doing. Possibly they do not understand why they […]

Do You Realize How You Effect Your Co-workers Work?

As with any team, what one player does on their own, effects the rest of the team in one way or another.  I had a reminder of this today when I went to the post office to run an errand for the office. I was on my lunch hour and of course the post office […]