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Colliding Coworkers

I have said it many times before today, when you are working with people you will always have people problems.  There is just no getting around it.  If it is not personalities that “rub” then it will be  work styles, general attitude or beliefs. We are humans and we are different, this is a wonderful […]

Company Betrayal

I received a phone call recently from a friend who manages a retail store, he needed some input on how to motivate his employees after an event that happened with his company this past week.  Apparently his company had been negotiating a deal to sell to a larger company and of course the employees were […]

Getting Over Generational Humps

One of the blogs that I enjoy reading is Gen Y Girl by Kayla Cruz.  She is so refreshing with her insights on being a Gen Y and how hard it is out there to get employers to take a good look at what they have to offer. As I have mentioned before in our office we […]

When Poor Employee Performance Becomes Regular Performance

We all have had bad days at work when our performance is less than the standard, but the next day we pick it up and get back on top of our game giving our best at work. What do you do when poor performance starts to become an employees regular performance?  I am sure we […]

But Your Application Said…

I had the opportunity to speak to a young manager (in his 30’s) this week regarding some issues he was facing with hiring a new assistant manager for their cell phone company branch store. Although he was very involved in the interviewing process the upper management did have the final say in which candidate would […]

Earn Respect During Times Of Conflict

“Respect cannot be bought or learned, it must be earned” We all know that people are as different as, well, bananas and oranges.  In the workplace more likely than not you are going to be working with many different types of fruit, or personality types. It would be great if we always could work with […]

“How Should You Tell Employees What To Do”

At times it can be very difficult to be the “boss” when it comes to managing employees and making sure that the tasks they are required to do get done. If issues arise and you need to remind them of their tasks you want to handle it in a manner that shows you mean business, […]

Stress Or Burnout, Knowing The Difference

This really is a good question, many times we think we are stressed out because we have too many demands on us when actually we are suffering from burnout. I always thought the two were pretty much the same thing until I realized once when I thought I was stressed out that it was really […]

A Good Night Sleep Makes for More Productive Employees

    We all know that if we do not get enough sleep on a work night that we will pay for it the next day.  Ask yourself this question; is it fair for an employer to pay for an employee who is suppose to give 100% that only gives 50% because they are sleep […]

Handling Difficult Co-workers

I am sure we would all agree that people are as different as oranges and apples.  In most workplaces you will find many different personality types that may or may not blend well. It would be wonderful if everyone at work could get along well, but as we have all experienced this is not always […]