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Using Time Wisely

Having a conversation about time management will not do any good to change the time issues you may face.  Taking action on managing your time is what you need to do to master it. Do you ever tell yourself on a Sunday afternoon “If I just had one more day, I could catch up on […]

Personal Issues, Should You Share Them At Work?

All of us have personal issues that we deal with on a daily basis, the question is do we need to share these with the people we work with? This is an important decision to make, you need to weigh all of the factors and possible outcomes of sharing your personal life issues with those […]

Avoiding Conflict, To Say Something Or Bite Your Tongue?

I know this has happened to you because it happens to me almost everyday, and that is having encounters with people (possibly coworkers or customers) who are stating their opinion or belief about something and you do not agree with at all.  In fact, sometimes we think to ourselves “They must be crazy to think […]

Bringing Your Passion To Work

Remember that saying “If you love what you do you will never work another day in your life”?  That is true, but how many people really are able to do what they love everyday and make a decent living at it?  Probably very few out the entire world population. It sounds great and I know […]

Mastering Your Distractions

I don’t think that I am much different from most people when it comes to wanting to achieve my dreams.  We all have desires and dreams that we are longing to achieve and many of us are chipping away at them each day, bit by bit. The older I get the more I wonder if […]

Business Is Great!

Below is a great story that I posted quite some time ago, but think it is worth reposting.  Hopefully will inspire you to think of some way that you can have a more positive attitude at work Monday  and learn to see the good side of things.  Enjoy your Sunday! The Gardener’s Badge Story A […]

Having Fun At Work is Healthy

Here is a fun practice/office management tip that will increase employees spirits and productivity. There have been many studies done to prove that humor is very good for our physical well-being. One study was done with cancer patients and the effects that watching funny movies had on them while getting chemotherapy. Even though they were […]

When Was Your Shift Moment?

A few years ago I attended a conference at the Sofia Institute in South Carolina to hear Sue Monk Kidd (author of The Secret Life of Bees) and her daughter Ann Kidd Taylor, speak.  They are friends of my aunt which made it even more special and I had the opportunity to meet and talk […]

Do You Realize How You Effect Your Co-workers Work?

As with any team, what one player does on their own, effects the rest of the team in one way or another.  I had a reminder of this today when I went to the post office to run an errand for the office. I was on my lunch hour and of course the post office […]