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Making A Great Impression With Excellent Customer Service

Since I work in the patient/customer service business I am always on the lookout for great examples of it to share with others in the office or in lectures, because I know we grow and change by learning and implementing good ideas in our workplace. I usually am on the look-out for examples of good […]

The Key To Your Ongoing Business Success Is Your Staff

Not too long ago in our office we were having what you might call a “dry spell”, the kind where you just keep doing what you do each day, nothing is really wrong, but eventually everyone starts to feel get a bit of “cabin fever” because of the regular daily routine. This can happen for […]

Handling Angry Customers

If you work in a business that deals with people in an ongoing way then you are probably familiar with dealing with negative attitudes. As we know people cannot always be on their best behavior, especially if they received a product that did not work or was broke. Or possibly the service that they expected […]

Making Employee Discipline Easier

We all know that  disciplining an employee will never be like sitting on the beach, but there is an easier way to handle discipline issues. It is never fun when you have to deal with employee problems of any type. Whether they are late to work, slow on the job or they talk more than […]

Should You Keep Mediocre Employees?

Here is the question; would you rather have 5 mediocre employees or two awesome ones?  Interesting thought when you actually think you need five employees to help you run your business.  I have had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of small business owners, most of them physicians, who would rather keep a mediocre employee […]

Employee Downers…Do You Cause Them?

As a business owner, supervisor or manager you have the opportunity to set the tone each day for your employees/co-workers and they are looking to you to do so.  With more recent surveys showing that employee morale is on a steady downward spiral we need to take a good look at what might be causing this […]

Procrastination Can Ruin Your Career

I am sure you remember that old saying “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”?  For some people putting things off until tomorrow, the next day or the next is just a way of life, personally and professionally. Procrastination is one of the most crippling diseases of productivity and it can ruin […]

Dealing With Fear In The Workplace

When you hear the words “workplace fears” the first thing usually to pop into your mind is that there is something happening at work that is causing fear in the employees. There is also the issue that certain employees have fears that they bring into the workplace that have nothing to do with what actually […]

Seeing The Bigger Picture At Work

It happens everyday in offices all over the world, people come to work to complete the tasks that they were hired to do.  they are doing what they have been hired to do, but something is missing.  They have developed tunnel vision with what it is that they are doing. Possibly they do not understand why they […]

Do You Realize How You Effect Your Co-workers Work?

As with any team, what one player does on their own, effects the rest of the team in one way or another.  I had a reminder of this today when I went to the post office to run an errand for the office. I was on my lunch hour and of course the post office […]