Changes for Life

Change can be hard, really hard, especially if we are not prepared to make it happen.

Listen to this…

“90% of heart patients do not stick to the lifestyle changes their physicians state they need to make in order to live longer”  Wow, that is just amazing!  Do you think that they really want to die sooner? I don’t.

A while back I was over at the Oncology Center by our office and there was this woman outside in a gown, dragging an I.V. pole with her as she was smoking a cigarette. Seeing this really got me thinking and I just wonder why?  Why it is so hard to make changes, even when they affect the outcome of our lives or those that we love?

It is not just about making the right choices it is about the ability to make the right choices and then making them a part of our life.

There are three important factors in being able to make changes and make them stick for good.

  1. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared.
  2. You need to be physically ready.
  3. You must have the desire, intent and persistence to complete it.

For some people this can happen in an instant, for others it can take time, and then there are those that will not or cannot make the change at all- for one reason or another.

To understand more about this topic you might want to check out Angela Duckworth’s book “Grit” for more information on the science behind the power of change, it could save your life or someone’s life that you care about.

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Changing Behavior

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