Colliding Coworkers

I have said it many times before today, when you are working with people you will always have people problems.  There is just no getting around it.  If it is not personalities that “rub” then it will be  work styles, general attitude or beliefs.

We are humans and we are different, this is a wonderful thing, yet it can be a great division among coworkers.

As a manager what do you do when co-workers have conflict?

What if one of your staff members complains about another staff member to you, how do you handle it?

We know that there will be people at work that we just do not “click” with, but what do you do if to you the situation becomes intolerable for one or more employees because of another employee?

As a manager do you have a “line” drawn that coworkers would need to cross before you step in to take care of the situation?  Do you suggest that those involved try to resolve the issue themselves?

What if you think the problem is not that big of an issue, yet to an employee it is?  As a supervisor we are there to make sure that all of the team members play nicely together and get along.

What is the line between real issues and petty issues?  Or is there a line?  Possibly every issue needs to be addressed, it would almost seem this way.

We would be interested to hear how your place of employment handles employee rubs.

Getting Along With Co-workers

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