Communicating Clearly and Accurately At Work


Managers who hold frequent “town hall” meetings with their staff are more likely to keep the avenues of communication open during difficult times.

The definition for a town hall meeting is:   A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting that gives the members of a community an opportunity to get together to discuss emerging issues and to voice concerns and preferences for their community. A typical meeting is attended by both citizens and officials, giving everyone a chance to talk personally in a relaxed environment about the things which matter to them.

When having this type of meeting at work employees and management staff to open up and discuss issues that are important to them without the fear of being judged by one another.

This type of meeting is intended to be informative, let others know how we feel and to identify ways to help one another.

Managers, when you are conducting a “town hall” meeting you must make sure that you are speaking the language that your “co-workers” are speaking.  Do not speak above them or down to them.
When asking your colleagues what challenges they are facing make sure that you listen to their responses.  If they are struggling with their jobs, ask what it is that you can do to help them.

By letting them answer what they would like you to do, it creates an opportunity to step in and help where you are needed.

You (the manager) are invited to help, this makes for a much more effective and productive approach when assisting your staff with problems  they may be facing.

Take your time when dealing with others at work regarding change.  Uplift your employees, and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts in making the workplace as a whole a great one.

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