Communication Miracles At Work


Communication with others, whether it is at work or home, takes effort.  Often times what happens when trying to communicate with others is that generally we will believe that our reality is the only one that counts.  We think that everyone thinks like we do and agrees with what we think.

At work clear communication is vitally important in many aspects of the company such as:

  • Training
  • Team Work
  • Customer Service
  • Company Vision
  • Project Management

If we do not communicate well with those we work with, along with others that we connect with in our jobs, we will probably not stay employed for long.

In the book “Communication Miracles at Work” Author Matthew Gilbert writes; “A general survey of corporate executives conducted by the American Management Association concluded that communication-related conflicts from misunderstandings, value differences, personality clashes, broken trusts, arguments over methods, and so on, take up nearly a quarter of their time!”

When I read that I was amazed, thinking about what could have been done with the time wasted due to miscommunications of some sort, not to mention the cost involved.

It takes a commitment to make the effort to improve your communication with others, but the value that is received by all parties involved is worth it.  I found for myself learning to listen more and talk less made a big difference in improving my communication with others.  Another way which has helped to make my communication clearer is to speak using less words, making my communication simpler for others to understand.

If you want to pick up some great tips for improving your communication the link below will take you to Amazon where you can take a look inside the book “Communication Miracles at Work”.

Communication Miracles at Work

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