When traveling around the country lecturing to office managers and administrative and clinical staff members, I can always count on hearing about difficulties between co-workers and their managers.

We are with our co-workers more waking hours than we are with our family members at home.  We have difficulties with family from time to time, so it should not be a surprise when we struggle with our co-workers or manager.

The problem arises when we do not address what is bothering us about our co-worker or manager and try to resolve the problem.  We allow it to grow and over time this person becomes intolerable to work with.

There are so many different types of issues that can cause this common workplace problem.  Here are ten reasons that I have heard from office personnel recently as to why they do not like a co-worker or manager.

1. Work is all about them; they think they rank higher than anyone and no one else matters.

2. They do not give others credit when credit is due.

3. They do not communicate well with co-workers, but expect their co-workers to know what they are thinking and what they expect.

4. They overwork and under appreciate their co-workers.

5. They have an overbearing attitude.

6. They do not provide an opportunity to learn new skills

7. They don’t work as hard as their co-workers, but still receive more compensation.

8. They do not pick up after themselves.

9. They are the sandpaper on the team, creating division and discord.

10. They do not inspire, encourage or appreciate anyone they work with.

Working in an environment with anyone who displays any of these attributes would be quite draining.

If you feel that someone you work with may not like you, take a step back and look at what you might be doing that could be a contributing factor.  It can be very difficult to get along with everyone at work, but everyone will appreciate it if you try.

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