When you work for a small company or business getting to know your manager or boss may not be that difficult.  If you work in a very large corporation the story could be very different.

In many large corporation employees may never meet the business owner or CEO in person and they only know them by a picture in the lobby.  We see situations like this weekly on the “Undercover Boss” program.

If you do work for a large company you still have an immediate supervisor that you can get to know and go to when you have questions.  Depending on the type of business you work for, many times managers or supervisors have rules about cultivating relationships with their staff personnel.

Whatever your company policies are regarding staff and management relationships, you can still cultivate one with your supervisor that will not break any rules, yet will strengthen a bond between you by incorporating the following into your everyday work life.

1. Always say hello when you see your manager.

2. Say nice things to others whether it is in the company or outside about your manager.

3. Listen to your manager when they are speaking, nod your head to let them know that you are interested in what they have to say.

4. Take notes at meetings that they are giving.

5. Ask if there are any problems that you can work on for them.

6. Pay them a compliment when things go well, or they make a good decision for the department.

7. Remember their birthday; it does not have to be a big production, maybe just a cupcake or card.

8. Let them know that you appreciate their support and any help that they give you.

These sound like simple tasks, but done consistently over time, your manager will realize that you are sincere in your efforts to establish a working relationship with them.

Often staff will try to “buddy-up” to their managers and this is not tolerated well by anyone and can create a bit of toxicity in the workplace.

Play it cool, calm, and courteous and your manager will appreciate and remember you as a loyal staff member.