Creating A Well Functioning Team

Putting together a work team is not an easy task.  Just because we use the term “team” it doesn’t necessarily mean that the people in the group feel or work together as a team.  The making of a really well-functioning team takes time and trust, which does not happen right away.  Yet there has to be an element of immediate trust by the team members for each other in order for the team to function at all.

Trust is something that develops over time.  It is demonstrated and earned by each team member.  Teams that work hard at building trust reap the benefits listed below:

  • Obtain greater results in reaching goals and solving problems.
  • Team members have more influence on one another.
  • The team members have more desire to make their efforts work.
  • They develop a strong team bond.
  • The workplace environment becomes more enjoyable for them.
  • Customer services are better and business revenue usually increases.

When there is a lack of trust between team members the opposite happens and the team as a whole suffers along with potential business growth.

The following are some actions that lead to a lack of trust between team members:

  • Not keeping your word.
  • Not following instructions.
  • Talking about other team members negatively.
  • Team members have a hidden agenda of “self” not “team.”
  • Blame others for mistakes made.
  • Make excuses for their mistakes.
  • Distort what people say.
  • Use manipulative tactics.
  • Seek the negative and not the positive.

Creating a great team takes time and effort to build by each member of the team.  Taking the time to communicate about what needs to happen and what cannot happen between the team members upfront is necessary.

Hard work and effort together to build trust with your team members is a positive experience for everyone.

Keep moving forward,


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