A few weeks ago we had a sudden warm up of  our weather we decided it was just to nice not to eat outside, but once we sat down at the table we were instantly attacked by dozens of flies.  We had not had a problem like this all spring, but apparently since it had been cold the flies had been dormant and with the sudden hot spell they came alive or something.

Needless to say, we had to move our dinner inside to get away from them.  Over the next few days they got so bad we had to get fly strips to hang in the house because they were invading our territory, we were constantly swatting them away, what pests!

This pesky problem reminded me of a situation we had in our office a while ago with an employee that could be as irritating as a pesky fly.  Although this employee had good office skills their office social behavior with their co-workers was very annoying and distracting.

The employees tried to kindly swat her away at times hoping she would get the hint.  This did not seem to work and at times it seemed she would come back as a swarm of irritating insects that there was no getting away from, no matter what they tried to do.

She was always chatting in their ears, exhausting them with her daily personal issues and occasionally biting them with her sharp attitude.

This problem was addressed by the business owner in a proper and skillful way, which seemed to help her behavior for a while, but once a fly….always a fly (at least in this case).

We followed all proper protocols in dealing with this situation, (this was not just a personality rub). When an employee’s behavior interferes with the ability of other employees being able to do their job and for the business to run smoothly it is time to draw the line and dismiss the pesky party.

The link below gives some healthy tips for dealing with disruptive co-worker that you might find beneficial to your business, I know it helped ours, the fly strips are down and it is back to business as usual.

Tips On Dealing With Disruptive Employees