“Greatness is always in the moment of the decision” ~ Jeff Olson

Decisions, decisions, we have so many to make. From everyday decisions such as what to fix for dinner or what to wear to work, to where do I want my life path to take me?

Many decisions can be very stressful, especially if they are life altering, such as a job change or large financial purchase.  There are also difficult decisions we need to make about pursuing our dreams.  Knowing that we may not get a second chance at something can either push us to pursue  or stifle us to stop altogether.

I heard a speaker one time state that making any decision can be made easier, and you will feel good about whatever the outcome is, if you follow these three steps:

1. Think time:  You must allow yourself “think time.”  This is time where you can lock yourself up in a closet or take a long walk and do nothing but think about the decision you are facing.

2. Write time:  You must sit down and write all of the pros and cons of the decision you are facing.  Write until you have nothing else left to write and then wait an hour or two, or a whole day if you can and see if you have anything else to write.

3. Weigh time:  Weigh the decision that you have determined to be best against your life-plan, your values and your peace of mind.

If the decision falls in line with these three things, you have your answer.  If it does not, go back to “think time” and start over.

What strategy do you use to help make difficult decisions?