Dishonest Employees


Recently, I had a post on Little White Lies At Work, but what do you do when you find out your co-worker has broken the law at work? For one thing, it really makes you shake your head and wonder.

Many years ago a manager I worked with made some serious accusations about the business owner we worked for. I had no reason not to believe her at the time, but I was skeptical about the accusations. As time went on I caught my manager telling some half-truths about things that were happening at work.

Although she was very personable and all of the customers loved her, I became concerned about her honesty.

One Saturday (when our office was closed) I happened to drive by our workplace. I noticed her car in the parking lot. I then saw her and a man coming out of the office door. I thought maybe she was doing some overtime and it was her boyfriend picking her up.

On Monday, I happened to mention to her that I saw her on Saturday when I drove by the office. She looked at me like I was crazy. She denied being at the office and said I must be mistaken. She also became very friendly to me for the rest of the day, which was strange.

To make a long story short, over the next few months more lies were told by this woman. When confronted by the business owner, who questioned some things she had said, she went into a rage and threatened to call a lawyer for slander of her good name.

When all was said and done, she had been stealing from the business for quite sometime. The business owner had thought something might be going on, but did not really know. This woman had worked for him for 10 years and he just did not want to believe she would do anything harmful to him or his business.

It was the lying that brought the situation to a head. The business owner was sickened by this woman’s deceitfulness, as he had worked so closely and for such a long time with her. Being betrayed was very difficult for him and his family to work through.

Cranston Holden author of Today’s Manger blog wrote great article titled “The 3 lies people tell.” He gives excellent insight on how you might be able to tell if someone is telling a lie.

Not that we want to suspect everyone we work with of lying, but it may come in handy to know what to look for when you think something may be a bit fishy.

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