Do You Have A Management “Brand”?

If you are an office manager or in a management position, you might might want to check out the “Management Craft” blog by Lisa Haneberg (link below).  The blog has a lot of good management tips and pearls that you can put to use right away in your business or practice.

Not too long ago she had a blog post titled “What is your management “brand” that I found very interesting because there is so much talk about branding yourself, branding your business, etc.  But I had never really thought much about my management “brand” before.

I know that my management style is based on being transparent and open with my staff members while always trying to bring out the best in them, but what does that say for my “brand”?  She makes the point in her post that if she were to ask your boss or team the three following questions that their answers would all point to what your management “brand” is.

1. What has been your greatest contribution over the last year?

2. What you do that helps them do their best work?

3. How they would describe your management in one sentence?

These are really great questions and I would like to know what my boss and staff would say if they were asked these about me.  But then again, what would they say?  Just thinking about asking them these questions makes me want to try harder to be the best manager for them.

I think my management brand would be based on “The Golden Rule”.  As Lisa states in her blog ” But our brand is what precedes us in the room and the lasting impression we leave and it affects how we do many things.”  The full blog post is below take time to read it as it is good food for the managerial thought.

What is your management “brand”


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